NARRIMAN S. JIDDAWI, Senior Lecturer

University of Dar es salaam,
Institute of Marine Sciences

Mizingani Rd.
P.O.BOX 668 Zanzibar, Tanzania
Phone: +255 24 223 0741, Mobile: +255 713259126, +255 24 777 423 183
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  • PhD. Marine biology, University of Dar es Salaam (2000). Thesis: Study on Age, growth, reproductive biology and fishery of Indian mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) in Zanzibar.
  • M.Sc., Fisheries Biology and Management, University of North Wales, Bangor (1987). Thesis: On the biology of Crenimugil labrossus and the fishery of Dee Estuary, Wales. Courses: Fish Biology, Fish Population Dynamics, Biometry, Fisheries Management and Techniques
  • B.Sc., Zoology/Botany/Education, University of Dar es Salaam (1980). Teaching practice, 20 weeks.
  1. Aquaculture experience. Oyster growth and spat settlement (1982-83, 1989-95). Growth of Siganus and Chanos in the laboratory (1997, 2002), integrated aquaculture pond system, growth of milk fish, mullet and tilapia in earthen marine ponds (1998-to present). Culture of bivalves (2003 to present).
  2. Development of alternative livelihoods to coastal communities eg In Fumba peninsula pearl farming and shell craft. 2005 to present
  3. Assessment of littorinids and mangrove status in Mtwara. TRANSMAP project 2004-2007
  4. Macro benthos of mangrove forests-1996 to 2000 and economic valuation of coastal resources including mangroves. Peri urban mangrove project 2007 to present,. Mangrove crab assessment and visiting fauna in mangrove forests 2007.
  5. PARFISH monitoring (fish catch, effort, species, seasonality etc). and Participatory Fisheries stock assessment at Kizimkazi, Mafia, Chwaka bay (2003-present)
  6. Nursery function of Chwaka bay 1993 and of Maruhubi and Mizingani 1995.
  7. Marine mammal project (Sida-SAREC) 1998-2002 in Zanzibar. Supervising a student working on dolphins as well as conducting research on community participation in dolphin tourism and bycatch of dolphins in gillnets and the use of pinger to chase away dolphins.
  8. Artisanal fisheries monitoring (catch, effort, species, seasonality etc). 1992-present.
  9. Biological studies of fish, e.g., Nemipterus delagoae (1983-85), R.kanagurta 1992-1996.
  10. Coastal marine resources survey (UNEP field study of the Tanga region (1-31 October 1987. Survey of Zanzibar coastal villages EEC project (April 1992).
  11. Fisheries Frame and Socio economic Survey (SWIOP,FAO (1989). Fisheries statistics (1996-present), .Frame survey of Zanzibar 2003 and 2007.
  12. Participatory community monitoring of fisheries activities at Bagamoyo Jan.2003
  13. Coral reef of the Indian Ocean Project (CORDIO) 1999 – 2003
  14. Prawn fisheries management plan-participated in the workshop to formulate the plan.
  15. Stock assessment of fisheries Using participatory mechanism (February 2003 present).
  16. Computer knowledge (Word processing, Graphics, Statistics. Fisat. Ceda, LFSA)
Books and Papers in International Journals
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Chapters in a book Conference, proceedings and research reports

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  • Country Coordinator Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association). 2005 to present
  • Country representative EAME ecoregion of WWF. April 2005
  • Advisor Chaza mali group in Kikungwi village. March 2008 to present
  • Founder member and Advisor Kizimkazi dolphin Tourism Association- 2006-present
  • Board of Trustees West Indian Ocean Marine Sciences Association October 2001 – present
  • Board member Sea Trust funding Agency –1999 – present
  • Member of Shark Specialist group of IUCN May 2000 to present


  • Committee member of the 1st National Marine and coastal forum Jan. 2006 -present
  • Committee member Research Development COSTECH, 2004 - present
  • Board member Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute (TAFIRI) Jan 2003-present
  • Councillor, Zanzibar State University - Jan 2002 -present
  • Pew grant 2006 in Marine Conservation. (with Glen Marie of University of Columbia) . Environmental Accounting for Marine Ecosystems as a Tool to Promote Conservation.
  • Wiomsa-Masma Grant “Fishermen, fisheries and seagrasses” Seagrass related research and community participation Workshop, Chwaka Bay, Zanzibar,Tanzania, 6th-11th Sep 2004, with de la Castro Maricela of Systems ecology Univesrity of Sweden,
  • McKnight Foundation. Bivalve–seaweed culture in 5 villages in Zanzibar– Hauke K Powell (Woodshole Univesrity) and Jiddawi N. S (Principal Applicants). Jan – Dec 2004 and From Jan 2008
  • Wiomsa-Masma Grant 2003 Organised and facilitated a Regional Training course on sustainable tourism with Dr Steffan Gossling of Lund University Sweden (14 participants from the region).
  • Wiomsa-Masma Grant 2003- 2006. Research on Sustainable dolphin tourism in East Africa. - In collaboration with other members of IMS, Mozambique, South Africa and Sweden
  • Wiomsa-Masma Grant 2001-2004-With other members of IMS. Integrated pond culture at Makoba.
  • IFS grant 1990-1997. Conducted research on oyster spat settlement (Saccostrea sp) in Zanzibar
  • TRANSMAP EU funded (Transboundary of marine protected areas) Involving several countries from Africa and Europe. (IMS Contact person/Coordinator)
  • PUMPSEA EU. Contracted by FAST (IMS Contact person/ Coordinator)

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